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About Us

Mind the Wrap / Washi Tape Heaven offers a huge and ever-changing selection of high quality washi tape as well as stickers and other carefully selected embellishments.

Enjoy using washi tape to decorate planners and scrapbooks, to make beautiful cards, to create amazing collage art, and to creatively enhance and beautify nearly anything in the home and office.

In 2010, Ruth's Etsy photography shop began selling packaging to photographers, crafters, collectors, card makers and party planners. By 2012, Mind the Wrap became a separate shop, and in 2017, the Washi Tape Heaven web site was developed.

We hope you enjoy your time spent here and return often to check out what's new!

A special hello to our Etsy customers who have "landed" here! You will continue to find our quality packaging products such as boxes, clear bags, and glassine at our Etsy shop.